Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Blog Is Merging

Because of recent changes to Blogger, our three blogs are migrating and merging.

So as time makes avail, things have been manually moved over. TOTAL PAIN. But the only way to do it at this point.

All signs now point in the direction of

See you there! :)

Monday, September 26, 2005

September is Flying By

Finally we have caught up with our school work since our vacation in Colorado. I can't imagine how hard the catching up would have been, had we not been doing a majority of it while on vacation. I wasn't able to blog much at all last week. This weeks schedule feels like a breeze. And I find that for today, all I want to do is spit out a summary of how this last week and today have gone.

The kids are still both enjoying doing Phonics work using Grace loves knowing that there are more levels to read once she completes level two. Her reading has taken off so much, that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to read to her, as she looks at the written pages. I'll be reading on one side of the page, and she'll interrupt me to mention that she knows that this sentence on the other page says "such-and-such". You can really hear the pride she is taking in discovering a whole new world of language. On the same note, Jack, is begging to do more phonics later in the day after he is done, and he's been running around the house singing the "A" song from In fact, all of us have been roaming the house singing the "A" song.

I've been looking at our handicrafts line in the schedule and it has been shamefully running on empty over the last few weeks. Everytime Grace spots me working on curtains, she reminds me that she wants to continue putting her stuffed animal (green fleece dog) together. So today she enjoyed marking all of the circles found on her pattern with thread, so that we can remove the pattern from the cut out fabric next. Jack has decided he wants to make a stuffed animal too...I'm not quite sure how to work this as I would be the one doing everything (hopefully just a phase).

Jack's copywork is progressing wonderfully. I've been having him challenge himself by writing at least two letters freehand after he practices two letters from his dry erase book. He knows the strokes, but he hates not being perfect. It is a really uncomfortable feeling for him, but he's doing great...he just doesn't think so when he compares his freehand to his letters that have been copied over.

The leaves are falling, and the school signs also show that our term is half way through. Grace and I have almost finished Ben Franklin's biography, and we are closing in on Pagoo. It is a reminder that I need to step it up with our artist, Renoir, as we have done very little since the puzzle.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On The Alpaca Farm in Colorado

Homeschooling over vacation in Colorado has gone surprisingly well. I'm glad we brought a small stack of our materials.

Grace is loving Grandma & Grandpa's alpaca farm. If you can't find her in the house, it is because she is out with the alpacas. Yesterday, she spent a good portion of time out in the barn with her grandparents as she got to watch and help with weighing and inspecting the baby crias, and feeding the alpacas. Here is a picture of our "Alpaca Whisperer" in the paddocks:

Jack has enjoyed fast rides in the Gator to and from the barn, and the freedom to just wander. The farm is full of new bugs and sounds of new birds. The weather has been absolutely perfect for toodling around the farm.